Ontario Heroes announces Youth Services in partnership with Acorn2Oak!

Ontario Heroes developed a strategic partnership with Acorn to Oak Youth Services to enhance the delivery of programs and support activities to the youth and their families in the communities. Acorn to Oak is an amazing organization that strives to transform lives and help people find a way forward in complex situations impacting children, youth, families, and communities.


ALL RISE Mental Health Program
Acorn to Oak Youth Services in collaboration with TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is hosting a 12-week mental wellness program, All Rise. The program aims to help youth ages 7-30 to regain a positive outlook on life and function at their optimal capacity. Acorn to Oak counselling team will engage participants in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Functional Medicine to educate youth and provide coping strategies to train youth in dealing with complex life situations. 

Workshop Details:

All Workshops/Services are free of charge and will be through Zoom platform

Aug 20, 20216:30 PM-9:00 PMMental Health and Wellness (addressing issues of social, academic, and overall wellbeing  
Aug 21, 202110:30 AM- 12.30 PMResilience (what is it and how can we develop it)  
Sept 4, 202110:30 AM- 12.30 PMDepression, Anxiety and the Role of Nutrition   
Sept 11, 202110:30 AM – 12.30 PMSelf Awareness, Self-Discipline, and Self Determination on the Road to Success  
Sept 18, 202110:30 AM- 12.30 PMAnger Management  
Sept 25, 202110:30 AM – 12.30 PMAdaptability & Resilience for the future!  

3 Group Counselling sessions: Group counselling for Anxiety & Depression (Max 15 youth each group; Ongoing/First come, first served)
• 20 sessions One-On-One Counselling: On-demand counselling for ADHD or Autism (Ongoing/First come, first served)

If you are interested in joining any of the workshops, or to access counseling service please click the link below and register. Eventbrite link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmqTXhvWqREn5MvN0a0EJiJhSNNakUgDYq6a5AhTxNIcNPYw/viewform?usp=sf_link
For more information, email us at info@acorn2oak.ca or call us at 905 566 2359Visit: https://acorn2oak.ca

Or register at Ontario Heroes below:

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