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International students confront a slew of challenges in acclimatizing to their new lives, in addition to the hustle and bustle of student life and the fleeting exhilaration of securing admission overseas. Students constantly struggle to adapt to the cultural norms or establish trust and long-term connections. This is where we, as an organization would like to step in and help bridge the gap to empower students, both individually and collectively, to acquire valuable educational experiences that will inspire lifelong learning and enable them to live their dreams.

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Trust us to be your voice!

We are excited to meet with you and be your voice as we collaborate with a number of government-affiliated agencies, community agencies, and the consulate office, coordinating with family, and partners in the circle of care, and offering support during times of distress, severe health issues, hospitalizations, and helping you connect with medical professionals on a volunteer basis. We have many resources accessible across Canada to assist students before, after and during their journey, including while studying, seeking employment, and support through highs and lows, assist you if you feel the need to return home, aid with early intervention or post-intervention if something unexpected were to happen. We’d like to remind you that we have a lot of volunteers that can assist, counsel, mentor, guide, and safeguard you from giving in to pressure. We can successfully navigate any sector for student placement, volunteer opportunities, blood and plasma donation, and mentorship to help expand your professional network, interact with professionals and socialize.

We wish to advocate for your problems, whether at a college, university, organization, government, or personal level. We have a team of volunteers on board who come from a range of professional backgrounds across Ontario and Canada.

We seek to make Canada a more pleasant and gratifying environment for you by providing you with access to our volunteer-driven services, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Counselling
  2. Mental Health
  3. Mediation
  4. Legal Consultation
  5. Accommodation
  6. Job Linkages
  7. Mentorship
  8. Crisis Intervention
  9. International Students and Parents Helpline
  10. Access to our Multidisciplinary team of professionals
  11. Assist with Cross-province navigation, accommodation, referrals, and linkages and help build a network

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You will receive unlimited bowling pass and can meet with Ontario Heroes Volunteers and the team of professionals, community partners and recruiters.


Expected Outcomes of the Heroes Fest 2022!

  • Promote community giving and volunteerism
  • Opportunity to showcase and depict one’s uniqueness and cultural identity
  • Increased organizational capacity and efficiency to offer a broader and more adaptable range of programs and services
  • Increased productivity, performance, and cultural competence
  • Greater opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Increased creativity and innovation leading to building a healthier community
  • Improved insights and understanding resulting in combating racism and discrimination in its various forms
  • Create a pathway to universal brotherhood
  • Identify more volunteers, mentors, recruiters and Community Partners
  • Expand the professional Networking and Community platform.
  • Improve connectedness and togetherness

Join Us! Join Us!


In recent times, it has been recognized that even a global pandemic couldn’t prevent us from making the world a better and brighter place. Without the hard work and dedication of some remarkable people, volunteers, supporters and partner organizations, much of the volunteering that takes place at Ontario Heroes would not be possible. As a growing organization, we are always in need of such wonderful people and organizations to support our endeavours and gain a rewarding experience by embracing our platform to assist the community at large. On this note, we extend an invitation to join our organization as a student ambassador, volunteer, assist in blood donation campaigns, mentor, and embrace volunteerism, and community giving by adding value to our existing platform.