National Volunteer
Awards 2022

Nomination is open for the Ontario Heroes National Volunteer Awards 2022 (Open Category), in the following categories.

  1. National Hero Award
  2. Volunteer Excellence Award
  3. Youth Impact Award
  4. Women Impact Award
  5. Business Excellence Award
  6. Student Volunteer Award

Heroes Fest 2022 Highlights

Community Resources & Job Fair

From 1 PM to 4.30 PM

International Student Meet

From 1 PM to 4.30 PM

Celebration of culture & Diversity

Fom 4.30 PM to 11 PM

Volunteer Awards Ceremony

Fom 4.30 PM to 11 PM


Volunteer Award ceremony

The award recipients will be recognized at an award ceremony, where they will receive a memento and a certificate signed by the President and CEO of Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services. 

Award Categories

Please apply here.

Form submission is now closed.

All details provided in this nomination will be used only for the purposes of conducting the Heroes Fest 2022. The program judges, organizing committee, and others delegated to manage this program will have access to the nomination data. This information will be kept confidential, and will not be shared.

National Hero Award

The National Hero Award is presented to an individual who has gone above and beyond in contributing to overall community development and is involved in setting up various programs and services and ensuring that clients benefit from these programs and services. As a volunteer, this individual has served the community in a variety of capacities, including meeting with community partners, mobilizing volunteers, devoting his or her valuable time on a daily basis to support the underprivileged in the community, and having a significant impact in the lives of numerous people by exhibiting genuine compassion, empathy and care.

Student Volunteer Award

This award is for a Student (High School/College/International) in recognition to the remarkable achievements made by exceptional young volunteers who have devoted their time to community service by participating in various volunteer activities and programs. Through their zeal for assisting those in need and going above and beyond in taking the lead to coordinate, plan, and carry out various activities, they have brought about a change that has had a beneficial impact on others.

Volunteer Excellence Award

The Volunteer Excellence Award is presented to an individual in recognition of his or her volunteer work. This award serves as an inspiration and is an example of achievement for other volunteers to follow. This person's exceptional participation over the last two years, which is based on their professional standards, validates their leadership, passion, dedication, and support for the people in our community.

Business Excellence Award

This award recognizes an individual whose primary objective is to constantly improve in order to achieve excellence in the areas of leadership, strategy, planning, innovation and community wellness by providing employment to several families that brought development and sustainability during a crisis and has succeeded by upholding moral principles, ethics and exemplifying values like compassion and respect. Award recognizes the volunteering spirit leading to easing of life through kindness.

Youth Impact Award

The Youth Impact Award is presented to recognize young individuals (aged between 15-29) who have dedicated their time, talent and energy to make a positive and significant impact on others. In addition to working with organizations, volunteers, and service users, they have also served as goodwill volunteer ambassadors who have inspired, motivated, and supported young people, serving as role models for them.

Women Impact Award

The Women Impact Award is presented to a leader who is dedicated to the advancement of women and makes a positive difference in the lives of other women in the community by empowering them to unleash their power and realize their potential. She has a lifetime of accomplishments in the service of others, has overcome many challenges, and has helped those who have experienced domestic violence, abuse; neglect, separation, and anxiety and trained them on effective coping mechanisms. She is a resilient person who has contributed to the greater good by bringing about a positive change in the lives of many.

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