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Find solutions for your disturbing matters with our team of experts.

Creating highly dependable volunteer solutions for specific areas related to Healthcare, Law and Social Services.

With a diverse group of people from different places and cultures, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do with the identity of Ontario Heroes. You are welcome to explore areas of cooperation with Ontario Heroes, we like to hear from you.

You can benefit from the best of support from our highly qualified volunteer experts.


Ontario Heroes

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Varies from profession to profession but what remains the same is that their level of dedication and integrity.

You can find a list of professions in our volunteer list who can find solutions for every case that we take up.

You are welcome to use our pool of experts who are keen on delivering their best and making things possible, contact us.


Our Volunteer profiles with areas of expertise


Social Workers

Social Service Workers

Child and Youth Service Workers




Nurse Practitioners




IT Professionals

Cyber Security Experts


Occupational Therapists



Chartered Accountants

Insurance Specialists

Employment Specialists

Housing Specialists

Independent Business Owners

Administrative Professionals

Media Professionals

Recreation Therapists

Speech & Language Pathologist

We care for your privacy. All the communication between you and Ontario Heroes is assured of confidentiality and best practices. We make sure that every aspect is looked into while allotting volunteers and frequent monitoring is conducted throughout the course of service.

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