Heroes fest 2022

National Volunteer Awards 2022

Our National Volunteer Award Ceremony is a worthy tribute to our dedicated multi-disciplined
volunteer team. This ceremony has allowed us to reflect on volunteering in an extremely difficult time.

It is a well-deserved opportunity to thank all of our volunteers who have dedicated time and effort to help the community through various Educational Programs, Webinars, Professional Consultations, Mentorship, Student field placements, Summer Camp, Covid-19 Support services, Blood and Plasma donation Campaigns, Food drive, Equipment mobilization, supporting many individuals, families, seniors, international students, new immigrants, refugees, saving lives, coordinating with many agencies, housing connections, job linkages, mentorship and career counseling at a time when the world most needed it.

National Volunteer Award 2022 (Internal)

National Heroes Award
Diversity, Excellence Award
Volunteer Excellence Award
Life Saver Award
Healthcare Excellence Award
Hero of Mental Health Award
Youth Empowerment Award
Rehabilitation Excellence Award
Community Impact Award
Technology Impact Award
Youth Impact Award
Women of Impact Award
Organizational Excellence Award
Public Relations Excellence Award
Writing Excellnce Award
Chapter Excellence Award
Inspirational Leader Award
Student Leadership Award
Emerging Leader
Community Leadership Award

And, just as nothing can stop our volunteer team from making a difference in the world, nothing can stop us from honoring the accomplishments made possible by their contributions.

Ontario Heroes National Volunteer Awards 2022 (External)

  1. National Hero Award
  2. Volunteer Excellence Award
  3. Diversity Excellence Award
  4. Youth Impact Award
  5. Women Impact Award
  6. Business Excellence Award
  7. Student Volunteer Award