Celebrate Humanity, Our Kindness Matters!

Multiculturalism is central to Canada’s identity today. With the emerging immigrant population, Canada’s demographic is ethnically heterogeneous, meaning most citizens come from many countries of origin and cultural backgrounds. The challenge with our society is that not everyone is culturally competent. Living in a multicultural and diverse society it is important to be culturally competent and appreciate cultural diversity. Our goal for Heroes Fest is to celebrate humanity and diversity.

We are pleased to announce Heroes Fest 2022, which will bring together individuals, families, volunteers, professionals, community leaders, organizations, and recruiters from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds united as ‘Ontario Heroes Family’. We hope that by hosting this community get-together for families, we will be able to spread a message of peace, humanity and inclusion. Modeling it on our Ontario Heroes platform allows participants to gain a deeper understanding and connect with one another, meet and greet with professionals from various fields, meet with recruiters, community partners, and founders of the organization and expand personal and professional networks and community ties. 

The event will commence at 1 PM. with a community fair and professional networking followed by fun activities for kids till 4:30 PM at John Paul II, Polish Cultural Centre, 4300 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V8.

From 4.30 PM there will be Programs and Cultural activities will continue till 11:00 PM followed along with refreshments.

The objectives of Heroes Fest 2022!

  • To recognize and appreciate the contributions of the volunteers.
  • To celebrate culture and diversity.
  • To bring awareness to international peace.
  • To volunteer mobilization and expansion of services across the globe
  • To increase community engagements and outreach
  • To improve community partnerships and networking
  • To expand virtual global volunteering
  • To facilitate newcomer settlement and job linkages
  • To enable a professional networking platform

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Activities Planned for Heroes Fest 2022

Volunteer Award Ceremony

Our Volunteer Award Ceremony is a worthy tribute to our dedicated multi-disciplined volunteer team. This ceremony has allowed us to reflect on volunteering in an extremely difficult time. It is a well-deserved opportunity to thank all of our volunteers who have dedicated time and effort to helping the community through various Educational Programs, Webinars, Professional Consultations, Mentorship, Student field placements, Summer Camp, Covid-19 Support services, Blood and Plasma donation Campaigns, Food drive, Equipment mobilization, supporting many individuals, families, seniors, international students, new immigrants, refugees, saving lives, coordinating with many agencies, housing connections, job linkages, mentorship and career counseling at a time when the world most needed it.

And, just as nothing can stop our volunteer team from making a difference in the world, nothing can stop us from honouring the accomplishments made possible by their contributions.

Show your Talent, Enjoy the Show

Celebration of Culture and Diversity

 Cultural diversity is important and beneficial to all. It supports the idea that culture is a broad term that encompasses beliefs, values, norms, and behaviour and overall can be understood as our “way of being”. Cultural festivities promote peace and appreciation for other cultures. As we reflect on the abundance of diversity that enriches our society, celebrating our difference as well as our shared interests bonds us together and brings us closer. This Diversity Celebration provides a venue where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are respected, accepted, appreciated, embraced, celebrated and entertained as we watch live stage performances from various cultures such as European, South Asian and Latin American, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Serbian, Ukrainians and our Ontario Heroes’ volunteers perform.

If you are a professional dancer, instrumental musician, or simply need a stage to showcase your talent, we encourage you to participate in this event.


Ontario Heroes Mobile App Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Heroes Connect Mobile Application which is now available to all. This will be a one-stop networking platform to connect with individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and gain access to a networking platform that can be utilized for community, social and professional networking across the globe. This is a user-friendly software that allows registered users access to a variety of community groups for networking, community service, volunteering, professional networking, career guidance, mentorship, student placement, campaigns, housing connections, job linkages and mental health services, all of which are provided free of cost by Ontario Heroes. By gaining access to online service coordination, users can raise a service request and communicate with our volunteers using this app.

Ontario Heroes is stringent when it comes to protecting personal information. We observe the Privacy Law and Data Protection Act to ensure that service users information is kept confidential at all times. We do not use or exchange the data to any external source for any commercial or business reason. The information provided will be used solely by Ontario Heroes to increase awareness and share information about our activities. Ontario Heroes online applications are monitored, audited and supported by a team of IT and cyber security experts.

  • Promotion of International Peace

Peace is a critical component for communal development, personal growth, and the survival of the planet. Maintaining peace, and promoting security, prosperity, and justice around the world requires international cooperation. There is so much suffering, civil strife, interpersonal violence, and international warfare on the planet today, hence it is vital that Ontario Heroes embrace this peace-building mission to act as a world peacemaker. A strong community, we believe, is one that has incorporated a commitment to advancing peace throughout its systems, policies, and initiatives to help establish a peaceful community by treating everyone with kindness, regardless of race, gender orientation, sexual orientation, religion, or other factors.

  • Fun-filled Activities for Children

Children’s participation and engagement in the community has long-term benefits in their lives, and we want them to have fun while doing it. Children of all ages will have a blast playing with balloons, bowling, participating in face painting and watching a live magic performance, as well as enjoying a variety of their favourite foods. The activities include slides for younger children and a bouncy castle for children aged 7 and up.

  • Family Get Together

Community gatherings bring people together, boosting the mental well-being and quality of life of all those involved. Our volunteers are from all throughout Canada and belong to diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds. Due to Covid-related restraints, we haven’t been able to meet in person in the last two years.

Heroes Fest has given us the opportunity to bring our families and friends together to meet and greet one another and connect as a community while promoting equity, inclusion, and humanity.

  • Playtime Is Not Just for Kids!

While children clearly benefit from play, they are not the only ones. Adults, like children, are in desperate need of entertainment. This event makes it more convenient by creating an opportunity to participate in bowling and make the most of their time by playing with their family and friends. 

  • Global Volunteers Meet

Global Volunteers Meet aims at promoting global peace initiatives, gender equality, cross-cultural learning, environmental protection, and cultural diversity and health standards. Our volunteers participate in this event from all around the world virtually.

The following programs are included in this initiative:

1. International Volunteer Exchange Program

This program provides a unique intercultural learning experience to young people, enhancing their personal and social development through an international platform. ICDE India (Inter-cultural Dialogue & Exchange) is the potential partner of Ontario Heroes in rolling out this initiative.

2. International Community Partnership

Ontario Heroes invites colleges, universities, associations, and organizations to collaborate in order to make the world a better place. We will provide mentorship resources, information sharing and advocacy.

We are interested in and looking to partner with international organizations in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Adolescent Empowerment
  • Health Promotion
  • Peace Promotion

3. International Mentorship

We facilitate global mentorship programs through our versatile resource pool, which can be done in two different channels based on request:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Group/Institution mentoring.
  • All these services will be delivered through a digital platform

4. International Volunteer Ambassadors

Ontario Heroes welcomes you to explore opportunities for becoming an international volunteer ambassador. This program aims at promoting global peace initiatives, gender equality, cross-cultural learning, safeguarding the environment, cultural diversity and health standards. Interested people who are above 18 years of age can sign up from anywhere in the world to be a part of this program. It provides plenty of learning opportunities for candidates by being a part of the various programs of Ontario Heroes in building up a global community aligning with our mission and vision.


  • Gain experience, knowledge and skillsets, from a global perspective
  • Requires no commitment for the period/hours to volunteer.
  • No end date to be a volunteer.
  • No barriers in associating with other organizations in respective countries being a global volunteer with Ontario Heroes.
  • Reference and certificate for hours of volunteering will be provided as and when required.
  • Be the goodwill ambassador of Ontario Heroes beyond geographical restrictions. You can be a part of it from anywhere in the world.

For more information regarding these programs please visit our website @ https://ontarioheroes.ca/international-programs/

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