Volunteer Exchange Program

International Volunteer Exchange Program

This program provides unique intercultural learning experience to young people, enhancing their personal and social development through an international platform. ICDE India (Inter-cultural Dialogue & Exchange) is the potential partner of Ontario Heroes in rolling out this initiative. At this point, Nursing and Social Work are the two available domains for this initiative. It is a 12-month program and interested candidates need to contact ICDE India office for the initial formalities and Ontario Heroes will assist the eligible aspirants in getting placed with associated local organizations in Canada.

For more information, please reach out us through volunteers@ontarioheroes.ca

1. Scope of Volunteer Exchange Program

  • Intercultural understanding beyond the geographical restrictions
  • Promote the concept of equality of opportunities.
  • Provide solid experiences that will be beneficial for international and inter-cultural understanding.
  • Enabling participants to have a comprehensive view on the challenges in the local and national community to have a better understanding of worldwide socio, economic, political issues, and problems.
  • Facilitate with opportunities to practise the learnings on a global platform.

2. The Criteria for Selection

  • Age limit (18-30 yrs.)
  • Flexibility, Adaptability, Open-mindedness
  • Willing to do any kind of volunteer work for 11 months.
  • Willingness to learn new language.
  • Complete support of the parents and their endorsement in writing
  • Payment of full participation fee upon confirmation of selection
  • Signing contacts with OH and Receiving/host country
  • Previous work experience will be an advantage but not necessary.
  • Gender parity in recruitment
  • Valid passport

3. Benefits

  • Free board and lodge
  • Learning & proficiency in a new language
  • Volunteer work experience & insights at international level.
  • Enhancement of employability in local, national, transnational, international institutions
  • Capacity building, local travel
  • Subsidized tickets for personal travel. Camps, conferences & seminars. Intercultural education, experiences, insight, social integration, global perspectives
  • Building international contacts and networks
  • Participation certificate at the end of the program to promote career and educational opportunities.