International Volunteer Ambassador Program

the program

This program aims at promoting global peace initiatives, gender equality, cross-cultural learning, safeguarding environment, cultural diversity and health standards. Interested people who are above 18yrs of age can sign up from anywhere of the world to be a part of this program. It provides plenty of learning opportunities for candidates by being a part of the various programs of Ontario Heroes in building up a global community aligning with the mission and vision of us.

Ontario Heroes welcomes you to explore opportunities for becoming an international volunteer ambassador.

 Roles & Expectations

  • Be the goodwill ambassadors of Ontario Heroes beyond geographical restrictions, you can be a part of it from anywhere in the world.
  • Respect the mission, vision and values of the organization.
  • Be trusted with necessary confidential information of the organization.
  • Build networking with other organizations in various countries with an aim to promote cultural diversity and learning beyond limits.
  • Participate in the programs organized by Ontario Heroes.
  • To associate with other organizations in a global platform to promote the scope of this initiative.
  • Be the resource person and represent our organization within the network of organizations in different countries.


  • Experience, knowledge and skillset gain in a global perspective
  • Required no commitment for the period/hours to volunteer.
  • No end date to be a volunteer.
  • No barriers in associating with other organizations in respective countries being a global volunteer with Ontario Heroes.
  • Reference and certificate for hours of volunteering will be provided as and when required.

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