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Catholic Crosscultural Services

Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) is a national non-profit organization, based in the Greater Toronto Area. CCS aims to empower immigrants and refugees of all religions, ethnicities, countries of origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation to develop the skills and acquire the necessary knowledge to settle, integrate and succeed in Canada.    
Founded in 1954, CCS believes in the power of diversity and inclusion to foster change, nurture progress and move society forward. Newcomers need linguistically-appropriate assistance and culturally-sensitive support and CCS delivers programs and services in thirty languages to address these gaps, assisting clients to confidently navigate the labour market, school and health care systems.

RBC Meeting Place

Acorn2Oak Youth and Community Services

Acorn2Oak Youth and Community Services have been positively impacting lives and communities in the Greater Toronto Area for over twenty years through its wide range of programs, geared towards providing solutions and support for individuals and families.  Hundreds of youth, young adults and families have been helped and transformed regardless of their race, culture and religious beliefs.  
Our services include  intervention, mediation, counselling, education, mentorship, sports, recreation, providing food weekly to families in need, COVID-19 services to frontline workers,  seniors and at-risk families.

Federation of Sierra Leonean Communities of Canada

The Law Office of Chris Lamannil

Intouch Counselling Services

Easy Speak Ontario

Stay in Place Senior Care


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